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Waffle With Ice Cream Special

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Wednesday, 1 June 2022


Saturday, 31 December 2022

This offer is available from 09h30 daily
Café Vigour at Mykonos Casino

A sweet waffle AND ice-cream for only R32 at Café Vigour!


Who says money can’t buy happiness? R32 can buy you a plate of warm and indulgent happiness at Mykonos Casino’s Café Vigour in Langebaan!


Look, we’re not going to waffle on about how nothing can top our waffles at Café Vigour … okay, we lied, maybe we are! Because nothing, except sumptuous ice-cream, or good old-fashioned gooey syrup can – or should – top our waffles!


A freshly baked waffle is the ultimate comfort food and there are most definitely days when you just need an indulgent and comforting treat. On some of those days you may just want warm waffles on their own in all their golden glory. A crisp and fluffy waffle is a sweet treat that will brighten any day and perk up any palate whether it is dressed up or not! The aroma alone of a freshly baked waffle can be very comforting.


But we think the perfect waffle and ice-cream pick me up is deliciously decadent in every way, even the price – order this waffle deal at Café Vigour for only R32. Yes – we told you it was a sweet deal!


Life is meant to be enjoyed, so if a sweet treat makes your world go round, now is the time to round up your friends and family for a waffle and ice-cream treat – you don’t even need a reason.


This offer is available Monday until Sunday from 09h30 for sit down only at Café Vigour, Mykonos Casino.


Treat yourself… you know you want to!

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  1. This waffle and ice cream offer is only available at Café Vigour, Mykonos Casino.
  2. Available Monday to Sunday from 09h30.
  3. Available until 31 December only.
  4. Sit down only and no take-aways allowed.
  5. Rewards Discount does not apply.
  6. This offer is not transferable.
  7. ID confirmation may be required.
  8. Currently no under 18’s can sign up for our Rewards programme.
  9. Please note that the images are just for advertising purposes and not the actual meal to be served
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