Mykonos ladies in leading casino roles

Mykonos ladies in leading casino industry roles

Mykonos Casino, your favourite entertainment destination on the West Coast, is celebrating women who work in the casino industry this Women’s Month. Meet one of those ladies who works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure visitors have an ongoing feast of entertainment 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Marinda Quin, the Mykonos Casino’s Surveillance Manager, believes that you have to be knocked down, lower than you have ever been, in order to stand taller than you ever have. The hardest knock in her life was losing her parents. This was extremely difficult to overcome because they were a close-knit family. As a result of her loss Marinda understands the importance of finding a balance between family time and work time. To achieve this, she makes time to appreciate the finer details of both her family life and work life.

Marinda is a huge inspiration and an icon within the gaming industry. Her role as Surveillance Manager includes a portfolio that is, in virtually all industries, male dominated. Her dedication and commitment to the industry started 25 years ago and has given her a wealth of experience and solid direction. She is a highly respected professional and well known within this industry for her drive and total devotion to her portfolio.

Her role as the Surveillance Manager is to ensure the business complies with all the relevant laws and regulations in an appropriate manner. She achieves this through prevention, detection and limitation of risk that could harm the business, the customers and employees. Marinda believes that you are a true leader if you develop and encourage your employees with ongoing training and has been the initiator of various training programmes.

Although Marinda is a professional business woman within her work environment, and seen a no-nonsense dynamic individual, she also has a very big heart. She consistently maintains a balance between her work environment and takes time out to be with her family and friends. She believes that if you want to achieve greatness, nothing in life comes easy. Life happens, it can take you from the highest high to the lowest low. However, you need to go through the motions, deal with it, learn from life, stay true to yourself and push yourself harder. She believes the secret to life is to focus all your energy on building on the new and not fighting the old, as one thing that is certain is change.

For Marinda, one of many highlights at Mykonos Casino is the commitment and dedication that her fellow colleagues and employees have shown when it comes to taking ownership of initiatives. She is also proud of her surveillance team, who consistently go the extra mile. One example of their commitment that she will never forget is a Madiba Day initiative in 2018. The team gave their own contributions and time to assist a special needs school in the West Coast. Seeing the joy and happiness on the kids’ faces gave her so much joy and respect for her team’s dedication and humanity.

She is a true believer that women in the workplace do have opportunities to grow and achieve greatness. Marinda said, “There is a definite progression from the typical man’s world to where we are today. If you follow through on your ultimate goal with dedication, learning and commitment, as a woman you really can achieve greatness in a male-dominated industry”.

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