Elandré Schwartz

Mykonos Casino hosted talented Elandré Schwartz

Mykonos Casino hosted talented Elandré Schwartz,Known for bringing the best in family entertainment to the West Coast, Mykonos Casino hosted talented Elandré Schwartz, live at the Athene Conference Centre at Mykonos on 31 May. This “Klein dorpie Dromer” with the amazing voice, was back at Mykonos due to popular demand.


Over 350 fans flocked to the Athene conference centre and music lovers were in for a treat as Elandré performed all your favourites from his “Klein-Dorpie Dromer album and also the song “Tougher than the rest” that earned him his big break. What made his performance so unforgettable is not only his incredible voice, but the way he so effortlessly connected with the audience and it was pure magic!


Elandré proved to all the West Coast people once again what is takes to be a star! It was definitely one fantastic end to Mother’s Month and we were ecstatic to have such a talented performer at Mykonos again. Elandré with his Bruce Springsteen Rock and roll voice definitely took our breath away!

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